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KOB Plastics LLC is a plastics and scrap metal exporting company founded by Bharat Saini. Their primary focus is to export plastic scrap to various parts of the world like China, India, Vietnam, Dubai, and other countries.

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KOB Plastics LLC – Exporting Plastic Scrap to Make the Environment Cleaner

KOB Plastics LLC is a plastics and scrap metal exporting company based in the United States. The company’s director, Bharat Saini, is committed to reducing plastic waste and making the environment cleaner by exporting plastic scrap to various parts of the world, including China, India, Vietnam, and Dubai.

Plastic is one of the most widely used materials in the world, and it has undoubtedly made our lives easier in many ways. However, the problem with plastic is that it takes hundreds of years to decompose, leading to significant environmental pollution….


As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of plastic waste on our planet, KOB plastics LLC are leading the way in finding sustainable solutions. As a plastics and scrap metal exporting company. Our goal is to make the environment cleaner and greener by recycling plastic.

  • At KOB plastics LLC, we understand that plastic waste is a major environmental concern that needs to be addressed. We are committed to reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills or pollutes our oceans. By exporting plastic scrap to countries that have the resources to recycle it, we are helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our environment.

  • Our services are not just about exporting plastic scrap. We also work closely with our customers to help them find sustainable solutions to their plastic waste. We offer expert advice on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic. We believe that everyone has a role to play in protecting our planet and we are here to help.

  • We work with a wide range of customers including manufacturers, waste management companies, and recycling facilities. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. We are committed to providing excellent service and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

  • At KOB plastics LLC, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. We are dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting our planet. Our services are an essential part of the global effort to reduce plastic waste and create a cleaner, greener future for all.


It sounds like you offer a range of recycled plastic products in different forms. Here’s a brief explanation of what each of these terms means:

  1. Bales: This refers to plastic waste that has been compressed and bundled into large bales for transport and storage. Bales can contain various types of plastic, and are typically sorted and processed further to create recycled plastic products.

  2. Regrind: This refers to plastic waste that has been ground into small pieces or flakes. Regrind can be used as a raw material for manufacturing new plastic products, or it may be further processed into pellets.

  3. Purges: This refers to excess plastic that is left over from the manufacturing process. Purges can be recycled and reused, but they may need to be sorted and processed to remove impurities.

  4. Pellets: This refers to small, cylindrical pieces of plastic that are often used as a raw material for manufacturing new plastic products. Pellets can be made from recycled plastic, and are typically easier to transport and handle than other forms of recycled plastic.


We take pride in the fact that our recycled and off-grade materials are utilized in the production of a wide range of products, including:


PPS filaments and felt can be used as raw materials to manufacture high-performance compounds. These compounds can be used in a variety of applications, including automotive, aerospace, electrical, and industrial equipment.

PVC Rigid

PVC rigid regrinds, which are small pieces of recycled PVC material, can be used to manufacture conduit pipes and accessories. PVC rigid is also commonly used in the production of credit cards.

PVC Flexible

PVC flexible is a soft and flexible form of PVC material that is often used in the manufacturing of shoe soles. It is also commonly used in the production of inflatable products and flexible tubing.

LLDPE Purges & LDPE Rolls

LLDPE purges and LDPE rolls can be repelletized and extruded to create new film applications. LLDPE bales and rolls are commonly used in the manufacturing of stretch wrap, food packaging, and other flexible plastic film products.

PE Pellets

PE pellets, specifically HDPE repro pellets, are used as a raw material in the toy manufacturing industry. HDPE repro pellets are known for their durability and strength, making them suitable for use in toys and other children's products.

PP Regrind Purges

PP regrind and purges can be used as raw materials to manufacture fan blades. PP is a durable and lightweight material that is commonly used in the production of various consumer and industrial products.

Our top priority is to find the most efficient and cost-effective means of delivering our products to our customers.


KOB Plastics LLC is a plastics and scrap metal exporting company that specializes in providing high-quality products to various industries. We are committed to ensuring the safety and sustainability of our products, and we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.


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Off-grade polypropylene can be recycled and used in a variety of applications. Recycling of off-grade polypropylene can help reduce waste and conserve resources, but the quality of the recycled material will depend on the quality of the original off-grade material…

PVC credit card regrind refers to the process of grinding and reusing waste PVC credit cards to make new products, while virgin resin refers to PVC material that has not been previously used or processed. When it comes to credit…

KOB Plastics, a leading manufacturer and distributor of plastic materials, has experienced the challenges of shipping products to Latin America from their headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. The nearest ports to Knoxville are located in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina,…

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